Celebrities Who Have Removed Tattoos

Tattoos can signify a number of things namely a gesture of remembrance or a way of marking a major milestone in one’s life. However, the tattoo that once defined your skin doesn’t necessarily remain relevant. Maybe you regret having the ex’s name etched on your arm or maybe a night of too much fun resulted in a tattoo that you do not like. The same happens with celebrities too, they also fall victim to lapses of bad judgement and regret getting inked and many have literally cleaned up their image by going under laser tattoo machine to remove their tattoos.

Here are few celebrities who have removed or covered up their tattoos.

  • Adrienne Bailon

She has learned this valuable life lesson the hard way and says that “do not, under any circumstances, get your significant other’s name tattooed on your body – let alone on your butt”. It took three sessions for Adrienne to have her tattoo of Rob Kardashian, her boyfriend’s name successfully removed from her butt. She’s got it removed but said I made a very bad decision and don’t follow my example.

  • Angelina Jolie

Angelina ran into folly when she broke up with Billy Bob because she believed she’d in love forever and wanted to commemorate that on her skin and etched a tattoo Billy Bob on her arm which she decided to get removed and cover the stretch of skin with birthplace coordinates of each of her children.

  • Russell Brand

Russell, the funny man had Sanskrit ink Anuugacchati Pravaha or go with the flow on his right inner arm laser removed in March 2012 which he got inked with his ex-wife Katy Perry.

  • Megan Fox

Tattoos are a huge part of Megan Fox sultry image. She’s got seven of them, but she said goodbye to her Marilyn Monroe forearm tattoo in 2011. She thought that having the image of someone so troubled emblazoned on her skin was bringing negative energy into her life.

  • 50 Cent

50 Cent the rapper had tattoos on his arms and when he started acting, he found it a pain to get them covered up with makeup on a daily basis so he decided to laser them off. He said he had to show up early at the sets for makeup and as someone who is not a morning person, it sounds like he made a logical choice.

  • Johnny Depp

In the 90’s Johnny Depp was wildly in love with Winona Ryder and got Winona Forever inked on his arm, but then, of course, they broke up. He got the last two letters of her name removed so now the tattoo reads Wino Forever.

  • Kaley Cuoco

After a painful breakup with husband Ryan Sweeting, the big bang theory star got her wedding date tattoo covered up with big ass moth. She said that I will not mark my body with any future wedding dates and thanked the Studio City Tattoo for helping her get it removed.

The above-mentioned are some of the celebrities who have had their tattoos either removed or covered up and by this, it also means that you should not have significant other’s name or big tattoos on your body.

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