Health Education Certificate Study Options

The healthcare sector today offers almost unlimited opportunities to those wanting to make a career in this industry. Advanced healthcare techniques and methodologies have led to a rise in the upper age of population. This has necessitated a higher degree of aged care and facilities with a corresponding rise in requirements of trained professionals in this field. One advantage that courses in health care education offers potential students is that they can opt for regular courses or online distant learning. Hence, full time workers in the industry can also acquire specialised skills without having to compromise on their careers.

Health Education

In this article, an attempt has been made to segregate the two – regular class based training and online courses – so that readers will get a better insight in the two.

Regular Classroom based courses  

Bachelor of Health Education

This focus of this course is to train entry level health education professionals who are engaged in a variety of settings, from health departments to private businesses and schools. A typical course offers internships and practical hands-on training to acquaint the student better about the settings they are likely to work in future. Course topics include community health observation and assessment, control of spread of disease, adolescent health issues and preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Master of Health Promotion and Education

In continuation of the Bachelors course, the Master curriculum is aimed at providing a focussed approach to community and public health trends and issues, research and implementation of solutions to prevent any healthcare problems. The students are taught ways and means and skills so that they can arm the community with knowledge on how to protect themselves from preventable health issues and diseases.

Students can choose to specialise in a field of their choice. Options before them include Master of Public Health, Master of Education and Master of Science. Candidates should have a Bachelors degree in the related field as well as college level course work in psychology, human anatomy and physiology.

Nursing Courses

There are a number of nursing courses that candidates can opt for. Starting from Certified courses right at the beginners’ level for those fresh out of college, the openings include Certificate courses and Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Nursing. Those who pass out acquire expert skill sets to provide healthcare in a variety of individual or community environments.

To know more about one of the premier institutes in Australia offering a wide range of nursing courses, visit The options are many for those wanting to make a career in nursing. Certificate courses in individual care to aged support and then Diploma courses, students are trained in classrooms and specialised simulated settings that give them a great level of practical skills.

Diploma of Dental Technology

This is again a very specific course that imparts specialised training as a dental technician. Students are taken through and imparted knowledge and lab based learning in a variety of tasks that is crucial in the dental field. These include constructing and repairing dentures, crowns, bridges and partial dentures as well as maxillofacial surgical devices and orthodontic appliances. One of the leading institutes in Australia offering this course is Australian Centre of Further Education.

Online and Distant Learning Courses

There is a large number of online distant learning courses related to the healthcare industry, tailor-made to enhance skill sets of existing professionals in this field. Some of them have mandatory lab sessions that can be completed in the city nearest to where the student is located. A few examples of online courses are Environmental Health Course, Health Communication Course, Communicable Diseases Course, Qualitative Analysis of Health Information and Introductory Health Information Course. This is just the tip of the iceberg. An online research will give information of online courses that cover almost every aspect of the healthcare industry.

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